A variety of visualisation tools exist which provide different methods to analyse Carpet output data, ranging from simple 1D line plots up to advanced 3D animations. Here is a collection of such tools which are widely used. Carpet users are also encouraged to provide their own tools and utility programs for sharing with the community.

Visualisation Tools from CactusCode.org

The Cactus Visualisation homepage lists a number of packages suitable for the visualisation of Cactus output data in various formats:

  • ygraph
    an animated, easy client for 1D line plots from CarpetIOASCII data
  • gnuplot
    a powerful visualization tool for 1D and 2D CarpetIOASCII data
  • hdf5toascii_slicer
    a utility program included in thorn CarpetIOHDF5 which extracts 2D slices from 3D HDF5 datasets produced by CarpetIOHDF5 and outputs them in CarpetIOASCII format (suitable to be processed by gnuplot). See the thorn documentation of Carpet/CarpetIOHDF5 for details.
  • Amira
    an advanced 3D visualization system from the Konrad-Zuse-Institute in Berlin (ZIB)
  • DataVaultXVSutils
    a utility package to import CarpetIOHDF5 data into xvs and DV, some simple-to-use OpenGL-based visualisation clients to plot 1D and 2D slices
  • OpenDXutils
    a utility package to import CarpetIOHDF5 data into OpenDX

MatLab Visualisation Tools

Gian Mario Manca has kindly made available his scripts to import full 3D CarpetIOHDF5 output data into MatLab.

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