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How to Get Better at League of Legends

The ranked climb in League of Legends can be frustrating. Banging your head against the same promotional series over and over again is aggravating, and sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to overcome the gap the game presents. 

Whether you feel like it’s you or your team, the only thing you can control is you, and getting better at League of Legends isn’t as hard as it sounds, but it doesn’t come from just trying the same thing over and over. Here are three things that you can do to get better at League of Legends. 

Choose a focus

Look, League of Legends is a broad game and honestly has the depth of five separate games buried in one. Being eclectic and dynamic with position and champion choices is undoubtedly a fun playstyle, but it’s not the best way to improve at the game as fast as possible. Neither is trying to just improve all aspects of your game at once. Some players suggest that you can protect your ELO by dedicating a separate account for each role. Some people prefer to do it this way, even though it takes a lot of time to grow all of the accounts. In the past I used to buy lol accounts and I think its a big time saver for people who decide to go this route.

Anyway, first things first, choose a position that you enjoy and plan to excel at. Honestly, this can be difficult for players that enjoy Mid as it’s the most contested position, but the point stands. Once you choose a position, don’t swap off it. Getting better at YOUR unique position on your team is critical to getting better at League of Legends. Someone who is an excellent ADC is going to be a better asset to the team than someone who is okay at several positions. 

Once you have a position, choose a champion and stick with them for a while. Similar to position choice, switching between champions is asking to be okay at several characters instead of excellent at one. Some positions, like marksmen, are able to swap between characters easily compared to mages or toplaners, but it’s recommended that you stick with a single character. 

On top of choosing a single character, it’s also a great idea to follow the simple rule of K.I.S.S: Keep it simple, stupid. One of the things that can help you a ton is a visualization set of tools. Though we can’t blame you for wanting to pick champions like Azir and trying to Shurima Shuffle across the rift, we can tell you that it’s asking to lose more games. Simply put, most people aren’t mechanical gods, and when there is so much to keep track of in a game of League, simple champions tend to be a great consistent source of power. 

Once you have a position and champion in your pocket, it’s critical to do something that might seem boring in a video game but will improve you dozens of times faster than just playing match after match. 



One of the most neglected things on the rift is getting proper reps in. Most people might bring a champion into several normal games before taking them for their debut in ranked, but such sparse practice is a simple way to lose precious RP and not make any meaningful improvement. 

When we say practice, we mean taking time out of your League of Legends play to work on in-game skills that will help your gameplay specifically. Like more traditional sports, League of Legends play greatly benefits from skills practiced and repeated outside of a competitive environment, so they are easy to repeat under pressure. 

For most positions, an excellent example of this is how to farm during a game. This means getting into the practice tool and practicing last hits for mid, bot and top players. The best way to do this is to keep your champion at level 1, buy no items and try not to push the wave while last hitting. Getting at least 90 last hits before 10 minutes is considered a ‘good’ score. This exercise will ensure that you aren’t missing last hits you shouldn’t in-game due to timing or mismanaging the wave. There are even pros that do this to warm up before starting scrims or games for the day. 

For junglers this means mastering your clear. Knowing the exact way to take down the camps in the fastest way possible while aiming for a certain goal is critical to being a flexible jungler who can watch something other than their champion during the game. This is another reason that picking a single option for champions is so key, because one mastered clear is better than 3-4 clears that you’re okay at, but 20 seconds late finishing. 

Even outside of farming, practicing combos and checking the effectiveness of items in the practice tool is critical to pulling something off in-game. It might seem easy always to set up your perfect flash combo in theory, but every time you drop it in the pressure of a big team fight could have been avoided with time in the practice tool. This is especially important for champions who rely on options like flash or galeforce for critical combos, like Xayah, Lee Sin or Vi, as those abilities cannot be wasted on tests or failed attempts in-game. 

Accept Failures

This might be the hardest step to getting better at League of Legends, but as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the only thing you can control in a game of League is you. Even if someone on your team feeds, afks, carries or something in between, you are the only person you can rely on to change the status of the game. It’s more helpful to consider what you could have done to improve a game than just getting frustrated with the things that DID happen in the game. Could you have countered the fed Darius by popping off in your own lane? Maybe. Every loss can be a lesson as long as you let it be one. 

In the end, League of Legends is a hard game and getting better at it takes legitimate focus and dedication. Unlike many other games, it acts similarly to a traditional sport in that repetition and time are the biggest keys to your success. Practicing right and playing with focus are the best ways to rise on the rift. Good luck on the climb.